General Info.

Rehearsals are every Monday night at Stockport Sunday School, Compass Point, 96 Nangreave Road, Stockport SK2 6DQ (directions). Rehearsals start at 7:30pm and finish at 9:30pm. An attendance register is taken at every rehearsal. If you foresee an absence please inform the membership secretary prior to the rehearsal.

You will be allocated a music folder with your own number, which should be checked at the beginning of each rehearsal to collect any new music that has been issued. If you are required to return music, you will be issued with a form telling you which pieces to return. It is your responsibility to check your folder to ensure that you always have the correct music. You are allowed to take your allocated music home, but please be aware that the music is the property of the choir and you are responsible for it. Please do not take your music folder home.

Concert Folders
A special concert folder will be issued to each choir member on receipt of returnable deposit of £10. Please do not use this folder for everyday storage of music. For some concerts a music light will be provided. This should be returned at the end of the concert.

Concert Dress
Uniform is worn at most concerts. You are responsible for providing your own uniform as follows;
Ladies – black trousers, black long sleeved top, smart black shoes.
Gentlemen – Black dinner jacket, black bow tie, white shirt, black trousers and black shoes. Occasionally a black shirt and silver tie is the uniform at less formal concerts.

Throughout the year The Maia Singers work towards a programme of concerts and other events such as festivals, Radio, TV or other recordings. In order to maintain the balance of our sound, it is essential that you attend as many of these events as possible. You will be asked to sign an event register confirming your attendance at forthcoming engagements.
Many hours of planning go into such events and the more people who help, the easier it becomes. Please try to participate in the arrangements and preparations which support our concerts.

Annual Subscriptions are payable in September at a rate set by the Committee. There is a discount for students. Payments should be made by cheque, made payable to “The Maia Singers”, and are collected by the membership secretary.
The membership secretary keeps a list of home addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. Please let the membership secretary know if any of these details change.